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Move Up Internet is a licensed telecommunications carrier that specialises solely in providing the highest speed internet services to Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) in Australia. The team behind Move Up have over 20 years of experience working with some of QLD’s best property developers such as Aria Property, Citimark, Cav Corp and many others. We are part of the new wave of telecommunication companies that aim to push the boundaries on what can be achieved in providing Unlimited Internet services: unlimited speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, unlimited data, and unlimited local support, at a price where NBN plans begin.

We believe that it is time for Australia to experience the kind of internet services experienced by most developed nations rather than the current high-priced, low speed and poor-quality services that are the industry standards.

We are proud to provide the most innovative Gigabit internet technology in Queensland. As an independent alternative to NBN we incorporate mmWave fixed wireless, which delivers the typical high performance, speed and reliability you achieve with fibre but without the cost, time and delays of laying cables. Our self-sufficiency also allows us to cut wholesale costs that other internet providers have to pay to NBN and as a result, we’re able to deliver faster yet more affordable internet with fantastic Queensland-based support.


What makes us different

We are a better and faster alternative to NBN

There is a misconception that although the majority of MDU’s are situated in CBD and city fringe areas, they would have access to the fastest internet services available in the market. The reality is that in Australia a large percentage of buildings are connected with a technology which will not support speeds above 100Mbps. As an independent alternative to NBN we incorporate mmWave fixed wireless, which delivers the higher performance, speed and reliability you would achieve with fibre but without the cost, time and delays of NBN.

We help you save your and your building’s money

Our highly efficient network allows us to cut wholesale costs that other internet providers have to pay to NBN and as a result, we’re able to deliver faster yet 50% cheaper internet than others with fantastic Queensland-based customer service.

Our team of telecommunication experts

Move Up has been created by a team of industry experts who are using their experience to provide the highest quality, value-for-money internet service available in the Australian market. All of Move Up’s components have been carefully selected by our experienced technical and executive team, resulting in an innovative solution that is designed specifically for Multi-Tenant buildings.

We offer a risk-free installation to your building

Your building will always be free from any contracts with us and we use our own infrastructure that does not block or interfere with other networks, including the NBN, so you can run it side by side if you wish. Plus, we commit to installing all our required infrastructure with zero disruption to residents or construction activities.

Our Unlimited speed mmWave fixed wireless

With high speed and low latency, 5Gmm Wave is a game changer in scenarios where internet speed and quick response times are important. Move Up’s Unlimited plan can reach internet speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, being ten times faster and more reliable than a high-end NBN plan. We are achieving this through our interconnected network of MDUs that utilises fibre optic backhaul with a meshed mmWave radio allowing multi-gigabit data transmission.

We keep our internet plans simple and safe

We keep things simple by offering only two plans: Starter (60Mbps) and  Unlimited (up to 1,000Mbps). We know occupants will love Move Up, that's why we keep customers free on a month-to-month plan. There’s no obligation for tenants to sign up for our services but if they do and for any reason are not completely satisfied, they can contact us within 30 days to get a full refund.

Our Process

As a licensed carrier, we want to bring some competition to NBN and other providers by offering a faster, cheaper service that any occupant can use just like signing up to Telstra or Optus, only easier. The first step for Move Up to identify and then outline all the benefits we bring to users and the Body Corporate is a Site Survey. This activity is covered under Australian Telecommunications law and allows carriers to arrange to inspect the communications infrastructure of sites they are interested in providing services.

  1. Move Up engineers arrange a time with either the Body Corporate Representative or the onsite manager to inspect the communications riser and potentially the roof area.
  2. Move Up will provide the Body Corporate with a second Land Access and Activity Notice that outlines the size of the equipment to be installed in the riser cupboards and the speed of services that users can expect if they choose to take up a service.
  3. That’s it! Move Up will simply inspect the site and then provide information on how we can offer the fastest internet in Australia to occupants and offer great savings to the Body Corporate by providing a private network to run any systems such as Security/CCTV.

" By specialising in one segment of the market which is existing (Brownfield) MDUs, Move Up is able to bring a customer experience unlike no other. Our focus is to create a great customer experience in every building we light up and every unit we connect. As we move into 2024, Move Up will continue to accelerate our plans for expanding our network to reach from Noosa to Tweed Heads and lighting up every MDU that wants the fastest internet at the best price. “

Daniel Filmer
Move Up Internet Founder


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